About Us

Our Mission

Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services, Inc. was formed in 1997 to provide the traffic safety community at the federal, state, and local level, as well as traffic safety professionals in the private sector, with technical assistance in the design, implementation, operation and use of traffic safety and traffic records information systems.

Our Company

On October 31, 1997, Richard Paddock, PE retired from the Ohio Department of Public Safety and opened his own consulting firm, Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services, Inc. (TSASS). This firm was formed to provide consulting and data analysis services to federal, state and local agencies in the area of traffic records and safety information systems.

Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services, Inc. (TSASS) is operated and staffed by professionals with extensive experience in the areas of traffic and public safety as well as traffic records and traffic safety information systems. Together with selected professionals in the data analysis, database design, applications programming, document conversion, and records management areas, and partners from both large and small firms with extensive experience in system integration, strategic planning, traffic engineering, and traffic safety analysis, TSASS offers the safety community a valuable asset during the design, development and implementation of local traffic safety information systems , including injury surveillance systems.

Our Staff

Our staff and business partners have extensive experience in the professional areas of:

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Injury Surveillance Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Traffic Records / Traffic Safety Information Systems
  • Traffic Safety Analysis, Problem Identification & Program Evaluation

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