What We Do

We are a consulting firm working in the traffic safety arena where we provide analyses of traffic safety data, develop and support safety data systems, and general safety consulting services.

Traffic safety is that arena in which one looks at all of the contributing factors and mitigating factors associated with traffic accidents – what causes them, where they occur, who is involved, what happens before the crash, after the crash (EMS), typical professional fields that deal with traffic safety engineers, EMS, roadway design and operations people, driver license, vehicle registration people, police and the courts that deal with traffic offenders, and all of those in the med community concern with mitigating the impact of the traffic accident and mitigating the injuries and severity resulting from those accidents. TSASS was organized and operates as a resource to all those private, public sector that are interested or concerned with reducing traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. We do this as our name implies, by providing analysis, systems, and services to support state, local, and private sector traffic safety initiatives.

Within the traffic safety arena we deal with the six major traffic safety systems of crash, roadway, driver licensing, vehicle registration, citation-adjudication, and injury surveillance. Relative to those systems we provide analysis of the data, information systems support by developing IT systems, provide direction to state and local entities of good traffic safety systems. In services we provide consulting services for strategic planning and meeting facilitation relating to the design, operation, and use of a traffic safety data system.

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Traffic Safety Analysis

TSASS provides professional services in the analysis of traffic safety data to identify problems, trends, patterns, and countermeasures. We provide these services to local, state and federal agencies, as well as the private sector. Among the analyses services we provide, are such activities as:

Injury Surveillance Systems

  • Identification of injury patterns, hotspots, and trends
  • Analyses of relationships between safety programs and traffic accident trends


  • Looking at traffic citation data to establish trends, hotspots, and relationships between risky driver behavior and traffic driving history, vehicle type, etc


  • Identifying crash trends, hotspots, provide traffic safety crash studies which includes diagramming, location and scrubbing, and statistical analyses of crash data
  • Crash Data Reporting Systems


  • Look at relationship of roadway features and crash patterns, build crash data maps by geocoding crashes to the roadway

Driver License / History

  • Analysis of licensing actions relative to impaired driving programs

Traffic Safety Systems

Develop data systems typically built on an oracle platform used to manage traffic safety data and data improvement programs.

Traffic Safety Services

Strategic planning and meeting facilitation relating to the design, operation, and use of the components in a traffic safety data system.

Traffic engineering and consulting services to the federal, state, and local sectors, including high hazard location listing and crash trend analysis.

For examples of specific projects, please see our current and past project pages.

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